A downloadable game for Windows

Ballad Of Ashkira

Designed by Marzuwq Muhammad @Ovr9k

Music Dark Jungle Depths by Mophead367 his music can be found at http://mophead367.newgrounds.com/


Sailor Universe CG by NGK Flower


First off thank you for downloading and checking out the our prototype for Ballad of Ashkira! being our first release it isn't a complete game yet and is incomplete in many cases but were rolling with a weekly format of updates with new features until it's complete!

Keyboard controls

Left arrow = move left

right arrow = move right

up = jump

space = fire gun

ctrl = dash left

alt = dash right

Install instructions

Just download then run the executable file please ensure you have directx 9 or above before playing.


boa.exe 6 MB